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The Right Fangirl

The Conservative Fangirls Coalition

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Conservative Fangirls Coalition
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This is a community for that rarest of things: people who are conservatives and fangirls, both at the same time.

Tired of hobnobbing with fellow fans who say "Johnny Depp is such a hottie" and "George Bush is such a f***tard" in the same breath? Want to toss around the word "squee" with people who share your other and more important views of the world? Want a place to praise the gorgeousness AND the political right-mindedness of some celebrity? Want somewhere to complain about the latest actor who said something offensively left-wing, because how could someone be so handsome and so stupid at the same time? Well, then, this community was created for the likes of you.


This comm was created as a place where right-wing fanfolks could talk politics and not be forced to listen to left-wing yammering, as we have have to do practically everywhere else in fandom. It is not meant to encourage debate between the sides. We hesitate to call it a "safe space", because even within the ranks there is sharp disagreement on the details, but this isn't a place to debate the greater "left vs. right" talking points.

We welcome anyone who calls herself a conservative and a fangirl, regardless of religion, voter registration, nationality, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, hair color, bra cup size, weight, favorite type of chocolate, or anything else I'm forgetting. Heck, we even welcome guys if you think you'd enjoy hanging out here (especially if you are a cute conservative we can squee over).

If you have come to "correct" our posters, "enlighten" us to facts, or otherwise engage us in debate, you are not welcome.

Whether it's Bobby Jindal or Orlando Bloom who gets your heart all a-flutter, we are here to support you. Join us!

Currently maintained by modernelegance.

And remember...being a fangirl is supposed to be fun.

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