March 3rd, 2019


Autism In Right Wing Men

I've been stewing on this a long time, and it's getting to the point where I'm going to start trolling. As much as I agree with most of the stuff posted on right wing sites, there are a few things about some of the men that bug me. The biggest thing is the SEXISM. I get that feminism has caused a lot of damage to our culture, -what with no-fault divorce and one parent households- but maybe all the problems of the world shouldn't be blamed solely on women. Maybe it's not 100% the female's fault for why an unhygienic, Asperger-riddled incel neckbeard can't get a date. Some of them sound indistinguishable from radical Muslims. No, women aren't unclean in a religious sense or (this one makes me laugh the most) HYPERSEXUALISED.

Radical Muslims are the biggest hypocrites, btw. The same people who throw gays off roofs will think it's okay to go home and screw a boy chained to a bed, as if that's more morally-sound than two grown, consenting adults with penises choosing to have sexual relations. Women are not hypersexualized and don't need to be saved from themselves. Sex drive is tied to testosterone production. Sure, there might be a few insatiable whores with psychological issues out there, but I'd think that women are ninety nine out of a hundred times more likely to identify as ace-gray-demisexual and be into fanfiction than men. Women make better nuns than men make priests because women are better at being celibate.

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Thought I'd wake this place up after a while. This resonate with anybody?