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Tucker Carlson Is The Best
kharmii wrote in therightfangirl
We need more like him on our side:

Tucker Carlson: 'We Will Never Bow To The Mob'

Tucker refuses to apologize and bow to the mob over some things he said on the radio x-amount of years ago they found (or pretend to find) offensive. Fox News is backing him up and refusing to play their game. It's great.

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Tucker is awesome, and I'm glad Fox News is showing a backbone.

This is what they all need to do, plus sue them when they can, like the Covington teenager.

I was proud of Tucker when I heard his monologue. They didn't mind when he was working for MSNBC. It's only because he's working on Fox that they are coming after him. Also, according to Tucker they took the comments out of context which I don't doubt. On the other hand, some of his comments were offensive. I'm glad he's changed his mind about some things and seems to have more morality now.

I didn't hear the actual comments and got the story second hand. Some recent Mexican immigrant called ManCow (popular radio personality in the Chicago area) all indignant about it. I assumed he had sad something to rile the Hispanic people up, so I called my mom because she watches his show every night. She told me Tucker was on a shock jock's show ten years ago, around the time the Mormon sect was caught marrying off fourteen year old girls to older men. He brought up the thirteen year old boy who had sexual relations with his teacher and made a facetious comment along the lines of how a boy at that age does nothing but think about sex all day, so he's going to look back fondly at having sex with an older woman, whereas the girl that age would be traumatized.

I get it. It's most certainly true and highlights how boys are different from girls. It might have come across as offensive to some, but it's not like he said it was right or wrong. He didn't make a statement like, "Pedophilia is okay, just so long as it's an under-aged boy". Of course the thirteen year old boy was victimized, especially since he wouldn't have a mature enough mindset to know he was being taken advantage of and deal with the consequences of having sex. I lol-ed at the indignation from the Mexican immigrant. Their age of consent is about thirteen, and we have a constant stream of pedophiles and domestic abusers pouring over the border with them.

Edited at 2019-03-13 09:45 pm (UTC)

It was a little bit more than that. The person who talked to Tucker was being ridiculous stating the person who married them were pediphiles. Tucker took the other stance. Personally, I don't think the person who performed the ceremoney was a pediphile. And Tucker said some women were dumb and c***y. I don't remember what else there was, but it wasn't good.

Edited at 2019-03-14 09:03 pm (UTC)

It's always obvious when he's joking or being facetious to make a point on his Fox show, so I doubt that's changed. Guys make inappropriate jokes, it's in their DNA. I'm sure Adam was doing it with Cain and Able.

But yeah, these boycotts have attacked Tucker, Laura, and Sean before and will again. Advertisers need to have some balls and stand up to the mob by ignoring them. Your customer base won't stop buying your products because Twitter screamers tell them to.

Guys make inappropriate jokes, and the jokes are FUNNY. People used to rip on people horribly for being offended. That needs to come back into style in the mainstream every time sjws fake outrage.

Its an issue of society which backing corruption.

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