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Autism In Right Wing Men
kharmii wrote in therightfangirl
I've been stewing on this a long time, and it's getting to the point where I'm going to start trolling. As much as I agree with most of the stuff posted on right wing sites, there are a few things about some of the men that bug me. The biggest thing is the SEXISM. I get that feminism has caused a lot of damage to our culture, -what with no-fault divorce and one parent households- but maybe all the problems of the world shouldn't be blamed solely on women. Maybe it's not 100% the female's fault for why an unhygienic, Asperger-riddled incel neckbeard can't get a date. Some of them sound indistinguishable from radical Muslims. No, women aren't unclean in a religious sense or (this one makes me laugh the most) HYPERSEXUALISED.

Radical Muslims are the biggest hypocrites, btw. The same people who throw gays off roofs will think it's okay to go home and screw a boy chained to a bed, as if that's more morally-sound than two grown, consenting adults with penises choosing to have sexual relations. Women are not hypersexualized and don't need to be saved from themselves. Sex drive is tied to testosterone production. Sure, there might be a few insatiable whores with psychological issues out there, but I'd think that women are ninety nine out of a hundred times more likely to identify as ace-gray-demisexual and be into fanfiction than men. Women make better nuns than men make priests because women are better at being celibate.

Side note: A couple of times I saw some really sexist men on the Facebook forums talk about how they aren't into church girls because it's the wild women who can be tamed to embrace their 'yin nature'. This makes me think they're the male versions of those women who will go after the most simian of bad boys thinking she can reform him, only to walk away with a black eye and a fatherless child. -Only in the man's case, he'll hook up with a raunchy, bipolar flea-bitten skank thinking he's going to reform her into a fantasy housewife who will suck his dick on demand and party on the weekends, only to end up with itchy balls and eighteen years of child support because the baby is already made by the time he figures out that she isn't going to 'embrace her yin nature' (do exactly what he wants) therefore is impossible to live with. I work with two right-wing guys who fit that bill. They'll be nice to the two-dollar whores with children from several different ex-boyfriends, yet look down on me for being a bit quirky, even though I like to cook, clean, take care of children, be faithful...and all that other traditional gender role crap that men are always complaining enough women aren't into. -And that's why they are going to die alone and deserve to.

Finally, there are the dog weirdos. This is something more often found on the left, but people on the right aren't immune to it. They are the people who will identify more with animals than people and think it's an aspect of good, noble character to be able to bond with a dog because they are 'faithful animals who were bred to love you' (actually, if you were to die while they are locked in with you, they will eat your dead body before you start to smell, and if you shit yourself on the way out, they'll start there). Just yesterday, somebody posted on the Anti-SJW site on Facebook a story about a five year old girl who was bitten in the face by someones 'emotional support pitbull'. I saw several comments similar to this:


You'll see a flood of neckbeards on those posts put up pictures of their pitbulls sleeping on dog beds peacefully while talking about how great they are, and how someone wasn't watching their child well enough. I have been trolling the hell out of them. Other people have the same idea, trolling them with macros about how 'a heroic pitbull entered a burning house/swam a hundred miles to bite a child'.

To combine the two ideas together, I've seen some right-wingers put up posts about how 'men are more canine/women are more feline'. The dog people have this weird rivalry with cat-people where they think cats are literally agents of satan, so of course a woman is like a cat that is like everything bad about the world.

If that ever comes up again, I've thought of a subtle way to troll them. I'll write that if you anthropomorphize dogs and cats into MTBI personalities, then dogs would be like Extroverted Feelers, whereas cats would be Introverted Thinkers. The EF dog would be more expressive with its affections the way it will jump and slobber all over someone, whereas the IT cat might just give a chirp and a head butt on a good day, but mostly might just wink across the room. A lot of shallow, stupid idiots might interpret that as one being more capable of affection than the other. IT Cat would be more likely to think before it acted. Ever see a cat wiggle its cat butt around for like forever before it pounces? Now, EF Dog will often have impulse-control problems, like how a dog that has never bitten anybody in its life might suddenly see a ten year child bending over to tie his/her shoes as a threat and bite half his/her lip off. It will also snarf down a steaming pile of crap before something it its brain has time to fire off, "Hey...THAT'S SHIT."

Thought I'd wake this place up after a while. This resonate with anybody?

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I'm really tired of the men and their blaming women for everything under the sun. Looks like they haven't changed since Adam. Look in the comment section of alt right videos. Women have destroyed everything good and pure about Western Civilization. Repeal the 19th! Women should return home and have oodles of white babies!

It was bad when the left- and men who took advantage of no strings attached, friends with benefits that women's lib bought them- mocked any woman who wanted to be a stay at home house wife and mother. Now the pendulum has swung the other way.

Men had it good for decades with so many women free and available for their pleasure and their wanting to be unattached with no family obligations, and now they want women to be virgins and they blame the women for not being housewives having large families of white babies? I do not know how many women I have known through the years quietly give up their dreams of being a stay at homes moms with a large family. And I have known men- in church- who were too busy "finding themselves" and enjoying the single life.

Yeah, a lot of women today are atrocious and this third wave feminism is a scourge and the anti-male, anti-white crap is seriously pissing me off. But, guys? Cognitive dissonance! She's a thot, she's a whore. she's a slut, yet your pants will be down around your ankles the second you have a chance at her.

Please note that isn't all men, but enough of these neckbeards and Red Pilled(tm) Alpha(tm) Larping men spend so much blogging time complaining about women "riding the cock carousel" while they exchange notes on "game theory" to get those women into bed.

They complain that women are gold diggers, go for only the top 20% of men, but they expect to bag the top 20% of women in looks, and judge her by her age and what she's done with her life.Those "incels" aren't getting any because they have unrealistic expectations, like the gold digging women they are complaining about. I blame that on the so called sexual revolution that got men used to the idea that any of them can have a "hard 9.5" women.

What's hilarious is that the money a shrewd man can make in the male grievance industry. The most average guy can take on a cynical outlook and youtube nightmare relationships with women. Flocks of men follow these guys like the beta orbiters that they are. Misery shares company.

And, oh, White Sharia is a thing with some of these men. Meaning that women will belong only in the home, not have a job, go to college, or have a career.

Feminist embracing Islam is just... wow. I remember in the '80's how television shows, magazines, and feminists warned women against going with Muslim men.

People who blame young kids for their out of control dog attacking them are sick and really need to be called out. Too many people don't really understand dogs or how to control them. Don't even get me started on pitbulls and their idiotic loopy owners. I remember all too well the terror of pitbulls when I was a kid, and the rash of attacks by pitbulls on kids in this region of my state.

Edited at 2019-03-05 02:00 am (UTC)

The greatest thing about 'game theory' is that they have this fallacious notion they can screw around with party girls while they are young, then get a 'marrying type' when they get older, and that means a decent woman who will basically take care of him like she's his mom. The decent woman is expected to think more of him because he's good with the ladies. Then enter the real world...I've actually called a few men 'dumbasses' more or less -made fun of them hardcore- for getting burned by the wrong girls and wouldn't touch them for it because of a complete lack of respect.

I hate that 'judging by age' crap, like they're resentful as hell they can't bang the good-looking ones, so they revel in how they'll eventually lose the looks and 'basically become worthless'. If they weren't such shallow, stupid idiots, then maybe they wouldn't become the type of men who deserve to be MGTOWs.

True, true!

Men who have slept around and have that brittle cynical outlook are a complete turn off to the more traditional women. After all, she's looking at him, assessing what kind of father he would make. They completely overlook that.

I've known men like that, there's something prissy and brittle about them. If they're lucky, they manage to get some really young wife who is very insecure.

Another thing is that they don't realize that shit can happen. Men are supposed to become better and worth more as a mate when they age while women "hit the wall" when they age and decrease in sexual market value? What if you have an accident? What about when your body is so worn and broken by the hard labor in your chosen trade? You'll be begging for a kind woman to take care of you, the kind of women you ignored before, or pumped and dumped. And, boy, do the mighty fall hard.

I don't know too many men who have become better as they have aged. Men hit the wall, too. Partying wears them out, too. They may not realize it, but it shows.

It's interesting that the happiest marriages I know of, the neither of them are young, hot, or rich.

Absolutely they do! My mom always says that men hit their version of menopause when they reach their fifties that makes them psycho. This came up after my middle-aged postmaster was arrested for grooming a fourteen year old girl he coached in basketball. We were all like 'wtf?!' because he had never done anything like it in his life. They spout off crazy conspiracies -and some may be true, who knows?- but some of the paranoia is from their own internal aging craziness. It's always middle-aged men killing somebody on those 'bad neighbor' reality shows too. They just flip out for no reason ALL. THE. TIME.

I feel sorry for a woman who might want the large family who is married to the dog-daddy who is too infantile and lazy to want real children because they cramp his style. Whenever something bad happens to a dog on social media, you'll get the hoard of outraged white women, but it's always the males who say 'if someone did that to my dog, I'D PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE!!' Dumbass stupid idiot, it's not your kid. It's something that will eat its own shit out of the yard.

Why are you reading any of this? The internet doesn't represent real life.

Also, can we not throw around insult names? We don't like it when the other side calls people all kinds of crap. Let's not do it, either. Humans make bad choices, especially when younger. Most learn from those mistakes. But there's no room for a person to reform if others keep calling them denigrating names.

Internet absolutely represents real life. You get what people are thinking deep down without a filter. -And the brunt of people being blunt and saying it how it is has been directed at sjws -which is damn fair- but we have a tendency to coddle men both irl and on the internet. Time to give men of all walks of life some flack.

I admit I'm a dog person, have been all my life and have 2 hound dogs now, but at times the almost hypersensitive defense of pitbulls makes me roll my eyes. I have a friend who was doing nothing more than walking down her own street when a pitbull across the street came charging at her and tore into her leg. She had to have surgery and to this day (this happened about 9 years ago) she has chronic back pain. I have heard of some pitbulls that are very sweet, wouldn't hurt a fly, etc., but the way people get over the top defensive over it, especially in the example you posted, is crazy. The guy calling the little girl who got mauled a "stupid lil girl" is disgusting.

Another thing that gets me are those guys who ride dirt bikes or quads and get hyper-defensive whenever anyone complains about them. There's a kid in my neighborhood who loves to circle my block on his dirt bike for hours, both in the afternoon and at night. My town has a Facebook page where we all post about different things, and in a post about this kid, people were complaining about it when some guy called us a bunch of names and said the kid's not hurting anyone. Then he argued back and forth with a handful of us before the group owner kicked him out.

tl;dr: People who get overly defensive about certain things and act like assholes? Yeah, I really can't stand them either.

Man-babies with dog-babies are my pet peeve, but it's everybody. Animal weirdos are the cancer of the western world. You can't even get away from them in a small conservative town like I live in. On our town Facebook page, they have the following disclaimer:


It's because you'd get a lot of people who'd fallaciously get a dog, then realize it's not going to work with their lifestyle. They'd get on Facebook to see if they could get someone else to take it off their hands. Several hundred weirdos would pop up out of the woodwork indignantly posting, "ZOMG!! HOW COULD YOU GIVE UP PART OF YOUR FAMILY?!?!?! IT'S LIKE GIVING UP A KID!!!1!!1!"

I'm like, "No it's not! Godammit...Fuck....FUCK!!!"

You don't get the same weirdness for cats, but every once in a while, someone gets crazy about some other kind of animal. IE: Someone who owned a vacant property didn't check her traps often enough. People got foaming-in-the-mouth crazy pissed that a raccoon had to spend two days straight cooped up in a cage. I trolled that one, like it's a raccoon, wgif goddamn. It's a filthy, pos vermin that carries roundworms that will literally burrow into your brain and possibly make you blind if you handle one wrong.

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