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Mouse Utopia
kharmii wrote in therightfangirl
Was catching up on a blog I like to read called Anonymous Conservative, author of r/K Theory. Sometimes the best entertainment comes from reading the comment section. Someone posted a couple of articles about Mouse Utopia and how it compares to what has been happening in the west after the industrial revolution.



The short of it was that researchers created a paradise for mice where resources flowed freely, they didn't have to worry about predators, and they could live with absolute ease. At first their population exploded. Natural selection wasn't in play culling the less fit, so they started developing what they called 'spiteful mutations'. Males that were otherwise perfect specimens lost interest in sex and spent all day eating and grooming one another. Females became overly aggressive and either ate their own babies or threw them out of the nest too early. After a little less than two years, none of them were producing offspring, and after four years, every one of them had died off of old age.

The theory of how it affects humanity is that there are now so many people with spiteful mutations that they are pressuring the 'normies' into adopting their ideals, therefore causing a population decline in the west. One of the examples talked about in the first link was: “Spiteful mutations” undermine things like religion, which is little more than a way of promoting evolutionary imperatives. For example: go forth and multiply, cooperative with each other, repel the invader.

I've always wondered about this. When I first started participating in LJ communities in 2005, I was shocked at the amount of liberal vitriol toward certain issues. When the Duggars had their (15th, 16th, 17th?) child, the (mostly white) freetards acted like it was a personal affront to them. Of course, they wouldn't share the same amount of loathing toward welfare queens or Syrian refugees who popped out child after child, but make it a self-sufficient Christian family, and they go nuts.

The same pressure was seen in my own family. When my mom had her six and seventh children in her forties, her siblings with one or two children were whispering behind her back that she had no business having children at her age. The one drug-addled hippie said one of the rare sensible things she has ever said when she told them they really had no say in it. Then my mom's doctor had the nerve to lecture her about using birth control. My mom actually told him it was none of his business because she could afford children, and that did he give the same lecture to Medicaid recipients? My parents are the rare people who used to be atheists but decided to reject the empty, post modernistic bs dominating our society, cutting the cord and spending more time out of doors.

One thing I've always wondered about liberal women that I should ask Anon Conservative next time he posts about rabbity lack of child rearing urges. My mom used to tell me how never once in her childhood would Narcissistic Grandmother tell her she loved her, but she would dote over her little rat-dog like it was a child. What is it with cf people and their love for furbabies? -Like they think babies are gross because they poop in diapers and drool, yet they'll dote over something that will gulp down a pile of its own excrement, then lick their faces. Does it have to do with how much easier animals are to take care of?

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What may save us -- be that West Civ or the human race as a whole -- from the mouse utopia extinction event is that humans, the apex predator of Planet Earth, are natively K and can slide back and forth between r and K depending on resource availability. So yeah, there will be a crash, but eventually a refined humanity will rise from the ashes.

It's amazing Duggar wank was so shocking back in the day. Now it's like those were the good old days, when liberals used to be able to take dissenting opinions. Sure, they'd freak out, but back then, they'd at least be confrontational, trying to ridicule you or shame you into changing your mind. Now if they can't dox you and make you lose your job, they just block you.

Back in 2005, I couldn't have contemplated the level of crazy they'd get after eight years of Obama. Listened to a comic roast this morning. SJW Marvel put out a comic where a cuttlefish beats the crap out of the straight woman banging him (10:50). Because sjws recognize trans people as the genders they pretend to be, it's totally okay for a biological man to be shown beating the crap out of a woman. I was like, 'No way...' D-:

(There is a caveat about having pregnancies post-35 - the risks to both mother and baby go up dramatically. It's also risky to have pregnancies happen closer than 2 years apart at minimum. It's perfectly fine for a family to be able to afford as many children as God gives them, but it's not without risks and considerations that can affect the family for life. Women pregnant in their 40s have to be ready to accept a child with Down Syndrome or other birth defects or to suffer pregnancy diabetes or bed rest conditions themselves.)

The mouse utopia has gone on in Japan and Europe for quite some time. Meanwhile in the third world it's the direct opposite even with about 50 years of trying to import spiteful mutations into the population.

I think in the U.S. there's an association between having large families and a lack of personal control, which has its roots in Puritanism. Respectable people don't have 16 kids, only backwards people from backwards cultures or people who belong to wacky cults do that.

How have they tried to import spiteful mutations into the third world countries?

Puritans or not, people were still having large families until militant leftism and the sexual revolution effed up our culture in so many ways.

Umm, yah, the Puritans were definitely *not* against large families and procreation. They were definitely into the 'be fruitful and multipy' thing, and in fact were more into it than their contemporaries. Evidence of this can be seen in the fact that filling out my ancestry.com family tree gets *really long and tedious* when I get back to my Puritan ancestors.

Of course, they wouldn't share the same amount of loathing toward welfare queens or Syrian refugees who popped out child after child, but make it a self-sufficient Christian family, and they go nuts.

This is what my husband would call 'liberal irony'. It happens pretty often.

Hello! You don't know me, but I found you by searching for fans of David Hyde Pierce. What a bonus to find out that you're a conservative too! Might we possibly friend each other? :-)

......Oooh, I see now that DHP is an interest of the community's. But still, friends? ;-)

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