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Compassion, liberal and conservative
futurama - fry
obaona wrote in therightfangirl
While I was putting my baby to bed, I was thinking about the difference between liberals and conservatives when it comes to that hot button topic: who is compassionate, really?

I think liberals and conservatives honestly define the word differently. For a liberal, compassion is about guilt. You should 'check your privilege' (ie, feel guilty), and act out of acknowledging that. And yet, that makes compassion about you, not the person/people you're supposed to be helping. Your attention is, by the nature of guilt, split between making yourself feel good and actually doing good. (General you, here.) Only by doing good or appealing so some social pressure can you alleviate your guilt, which compromises your actions to help others. Therefore, guilt is useless in helping others.

Yes, I am saying we shouldn't feel bad/guilted for the people we help. It's not necessary. It's not helpful. And frankly, it can be condescending.

In the conservative definition, compassion is defined as action. It is doing the most good in the most effective way possible. It sounds cold. It's not about your feelings. And we certainly do live in the age of feelings! But you can actually do people a wonderful, amazing amount of good by looking at a situation objectively, rather than with guilt, which clouds your judgment into making it about you, and how you feel.

Liberals think, "What feels good? How bad does this make me feel, and what does that say about me?" and conservatives think, "What will work?"

So what is compassion then? I'd say it's love. Love isn't just a feeling, an emotional reaction. Love is choices made and actions done. Think about your relationship with your family and peers. It's love that makes you kind to them, not guilt. Why should anyone else have less?

TL;DR: Compassion is love, not guilt.

Thoughts? Criticisms?

[edited to clarify]

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Personally, I tend to have compassion for individuals based on their circumstances. I don't feel I owe anybody compensation for their poor life choices, but if someone goes through hard times, I'll feel for them temporarily.

Leftists tend to feel for their victim class groups. -Couldn't believe how sixteen years after 9/11, there are so many liberals who no longer give the slightest damn about the victims and go overboard talking about how offended they are that people would 'attack Muslims' by putting up tributes and memorials. Has this always happened, or is this the first year 9/11 mentions are suddenly un-pc? Geez, when the elites decide which low IQ third worlders make the best serfs to replace us in the Western world, they sure do a good job brainwashing sjws to defend them as top tier victims.

Yeah, that's true. I think I also should have clarified that there is - or can be - a difference between feeling bad for someone and what they're going through, and feeling guilty that you in particular are not going through that thing.

And yeah, they definitely choose groups to feel compassion for/acknowledge their 'privilege' about.

You're right. Compassion is about the other person, not about self. In other words, any thought about "how does this make me look/feel?" is not compassion. "How may I help?" is compassion.

I would further add that making the other person feel better is not necessarily compassionate either. Even where liberalism doesn't degenerate into mere virtue signaling and self-righteousness, it tends to do short-term good for people by simply giving them what they want or making them feel good. But that may not be helpful to them in the long term. Love seeks the highest good of the beloved, not the momentary good if it will interfere with the greater good.

To invoke the old adage, it is better to teach a man to fish. Sure, if he's starving you might need to give him some fish in the beginning. But he will have to embrace the difficulty of learning to fish and the risks inherent in fishing for a living, if he is to become a better man and not just a slave to whoever feeds him.

I agree with you. 'Tough love' has it's merits. It's not always appropriate, but sometimes it is.

This is a WONDERFUL post! I'm gonna have to save it for the next time I get pulled into a debate with a liberal. LOL

Seriously, though. I think another good analogy is between having a strict parent and an over-indulgent parent. When you're a little kid, you HATE the strict parent because they made you take responsibility, go to church, eat vegetables, follow rules, and receive punishments for breaking said rules. But once you become an adult, you realize the strict parent was just showing love by preparing you for the real world by instilling you with good values as a kid.

On the flip-side, when you're little, you love the parent who spoils you, does your homework for you, and blames everyone but you when you screw up. But when you become an adult, you have no coping skills because you've been coddled forever and cannot handle a job interview unless mommy is hanging out nearby.

The saddest part is that the Spoiler Parent often doesn't realize they fucked up their kid until Junior is still living on their couch at the age of 45. Its the same way with most liberals. They mean well. But they don't understand the long term ramifications of expanding the welfare state, increasing the minimum wage, and coddling 20 year old college brats who get triggered and throw tantrums every time they hear an opinion they don't like.

College administrators are only now starting to realize that the monsters they created are going to eat them one day. It would be hilarious if it didn't effect us, too.


Glad it was helpful!

Yeah, I agree with you. It's weird to realize as an adult that you wish your parents were stricter with you on certain things then they were.

That's one of the few consolations I've had over the past eight years - watching as liberals continually attack other liberals over the stupidest stuff and splintering. The 'standards' have gotten so ridiculous that no one can keep up with them - sometimes literally keep up, like LBGTWTFBBQ - and going "Hey, wait. This is nuts." It's been pretty cool watching the backlash finally kind of hit full swing.

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