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Transgender people in the military

I've seen a lot of argument over this, including a lot of stupid liberal 'gotcha' arguments about transgender people being dangerous in bathrooms but not in war, which only goes to prove liberals have no idea what their opponents' argument was. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, the thing I see least in the outrage over this is the emphasis on the correct thing: the military is not about fairness, equality, or either of those in the presence of disability. The military has one purpose, and one purpose only - to enact war and win it successfully. Anything and anyone that doesn't serve that goal needs to be put by the wayside. This, in my opinion, was the best argument about keeping women out of the military, and is why I believe women should never be in combat. It's a matter of effectiveness.

A transgender person at best is going to be expensive and complicated. What if a trans-man wants to be in combat? What if he's pre-op? What standards does the military judge him by - male or female? Where does he go to the bathroom? Do we have to make special accommodations across the entire military and in military vessels for him? What if he wants 'transition' surgery, which is cosmetic, and cannot serve for a year out of his term? Why should we be paying for that, for when we don't allow others in the military if they have medical problems? Who is transgender - those who have physically changed themselves, or those who are just 'mentally' trans?

At worst, you have a dangerously unstable individual being responsible for his/her life and others. Almost 50% of transgender people have a co-existing mental disorder, and around the same percentage will attempt suicide. Gender disphoria is still, technically, a disorder, it's just that they treat it with mutilation now instead of therapy. Wouldn't that medically disqualify them, logically speaking?

Personally, I think Trump should not have announced this over Twitter, and a lot of the actual policy is unknown at this point. I believe that transgenders currently in the military should probably be allowed to serve out their term and then be kicked out, with benefits. It should be possible for an exception to be made for a transgender person entering the military if said individual had a very, VERY useful skill, like speaking Arabic or building rockets. (As long as they are otherwise mentally stable, as determined by a psychiatrist.) But it should not be the norm.

What do you guys think?
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