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Stupid, liberal 'gotcha' arguments.
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obaona wrote in therightfangirl
They drive me crazy!

The latest is the 'dress like a handmaiden from the Handmaid's Tale' craze, with women in red with white bonnets going to political meetings. So clever! So timely! And yet, it makes no fucking sense. Repealing the ACA is not about rape. Even making abortion illegal is not about rape. No one is actually saying we should make rape or slavery legal. Just like wanting abortion to be illegal does not mean we will criminalize women having their periods, or men masturbating. Do I need to personally explain what an EGG is to all these dumbasses?

I just saw on my facebook feed one of my liberal friends liking a post about someone who put a tiny border around Trump's walk of fame star. Like that's clever somehow? I think Trump might like a border around it considering how many people regularly try to deface the thing. You know ... the way people have fences and locks around their houses FULL of things like they'd like to keep and protect?

I want to scream out to the world, "LIBERALS, YOU ARE NOT BEING CLEVER. Clever requires an actual connection or sensible analogy to be made. STOP IT."


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They're tools-wannabe heroes who feel good for getting involved in something that 'makes the world a better place'.

Of course, leftism only makes the world better for criminals, parasites and people who want to be open about their alternative lifestyle choices.

I guess in their minds dressing up in costumes is making the world a better place, with the bonus of being easy - just like all those protesters getting paid to protest and still believing they're actually doing something useful. :p

I'm in no mood for liberal antics when KAPOW! I'm about to get hit with a 32% income tax increase because I work in left wing utopia Illinois, where they feed the parasites and stick it to the people who work. The recent move to Indiana isn't going to help me there. :-P

When cosplay and cheap activism have a fiery two-way collision.

I don't know what it is, but something about President Trump has unhinged the left like nothing I've ever seen before. They're not unhappy. They're not angry. They are batshit crazy unhinged. No one is listening to their crazy rhetoric any longer, so they do these stupid stunts, thinking a visual will make the stupid people (as they think of the rest of the country) will understand how right they are.

I think the right / alt right / people in general are pushing back since the election, and that is a new experience for many who have been acting like spoilt brats, and getting away with it for far too long.

He thinks for himself, and they cannot intimidate him. They cannot control him. Even worse, people like me who don't particularly like him, are really starting to respect him for standing up to those wackos.

There are definitely some things I wish he wouldn't do. For instance, he didn't do the WWF vid, but he retweeted it. It was out there. He should have kept his fingerprints off it.

But, some of the libs are so out there, acting so crazy, that a lot of people I know are being pulled in his favor, whereas they might not have been before. The libs are making it a "them" against "us". No inbetween. You're either with them or your an idiot, bigot, racist, etc. That used to intimidate people. Now it's just turning people against them.

I think the far left is becoming more unhinged because they KNOW normal people are waking up to their bullshit and saying they've had enough.

Despite their best efforts to rig the Democratic primary and the general election for Hillary; they still lost to a literal clown. They were so arrogant that they thought their liberal minions would just go along with them fucking over Bernie Sanders and painting half the country as racist rubes. But moderate/classical liberals are waking up to the fact that the democrats are NOT on their side. And many of them bit the bullet for Trump because they realized that Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party are hopelessly corrupt and openly against liberal values like free speech.

Weird, I was emailed with 2 comments to my comment, but they don't show up. When I tried to comment from my email, they said the comments were both screened. That's odd.

Unscreened. I have no idea how that happened!

Thanks. Still, neither of the comments that were emailed to me are showing up. Just this one saying it's unscreened. Maybe LJ is being stupid today.

Nope - never mind. Now they're showing up. Sorry.

Edited at 2017-07-04 04:09 pm (UTC)

I forget which commentator I was watching, pointed out that the "Women's March" wasn't an argument, wasn't even really a protest of anything in particular, but was just a primal scream. That is the typical modus operandi of the Left these days: the primal scream, or the childish insult, or the threat of violence. They don't even bother to use logic.

Thus I do not think logical reasoned argument is the best way to oppose them. It is necessary and has its place, but what really gets to them is mockery. That's why the Trump's approach, as well as the similar alt-right meme-warfare approach, have so successfully gotten their goat. And when they get too rowdy, intimidation sometimes works, as does letting them run afoul of the law and have the police watching when they do. If you're not in a position to do either in a given situation, then just don't engage them at all.

Have you seen Steven Crowder's coverage of the Texas Womans' March. NONE of the protestors (including Senator Wendy Davis) could answer the questions "What is the goal of this march?" or "What exactly are we protesting here?"

It would be hilarious if so many women didn't actually believe that those dumb "protests" were accomplishing anything.

I get infuriated when women act as if Trump is a harbinger of The Handmaid's Tale becoming reality in the United States. These dingbats didn't even know that book existed until they made it into a TV series a few months ago; so they need to stop acting like goddam literature scholars. LOL

I hate to break it to these dumb broads. But a dystopian Patriarchy where women are enslaved by men to be perpetual sex toys and brood mares already exists. It's called virtually every Muslim country on Earth. Maybe they should do something about those places instead of panicking on Twitter that Trump is going to amend the constitution to make rape legal or some other such bullshit.

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