oba (obaona) wrote in therightfangirl,

Stupid, liberal 'gotcha' arguments.

They drive me crazy!

The latest is the 'dress like a handmaiden from the Handmaid's Tale' craze, with women in red with white bonnets going to political meetings. So clever! So timely! And yet, it makes no fucking sense. Repealing the ACA is not about rape. Even making abortion illegal is not about rape. No one is actually saying we should make rape or slavery legal. Just like wanting abortion to be illegal does not mean we will criminalize women having their periods, or men masturbating. Do I need to personally explain what an EGG is to all these dumbasses?

I just saw on my facebook feed one of my liberal friends liking a post about someone who put a tiny border around Trump's walk of fame star. Like that's clever somehow? I think Trump might like a border around it considering how many people regularly try to deface the thing. You know ... the way people have fences and locks around their houses FULL of things like they'd like to keep and protect?

I want to scream out to the world, "LIBERALS, YOU ARE NOT BEING CLEVER. Clever requires an actual connection or sensible analogy to be made. STOP IT."

Tags: abortion, liberal, liberalism, rant
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