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A disturbing but must-read article
Illiterate Chicken
Our students are the achievement of a systemic commitment to producing individuals without a past for whom the future is a foreign country, cultureless ciphers who can live anywhere and perform any kind of work without inquiring about its purposes or ends, perfected tools for an economic system that prizes “flexibility” (geographic, interpersonal, ethical).


I do part ways with the author on some points. For example:

They won’t fight against anyone, because that’s not seemly, but they won’t fight for anyone or anything either.

Maybe that's been his experience with the students he's had. But we've all seen the way students do fight for certain things. Except they are all the wrong sorts of things!

He seems to have a very kind hearted and generous view of his students. He seems to see them as more innocent / ignorant than malicious. Again, perhaps that's his personal experience. But while the students we've seen making the news of late may be ignorant, they sure aren't innocent.

They will happily destroy anyone who dares to cross them or disagree with them in any way!

Drop what you're doing and watch this!
Scully - score
I can't find a way to embed it, so just giving the Facebook link. Trust me, it's worth the extra clicks!

I gave up on FB years ago due to family drama. But I'm doing my part here to share with others. Feel free to do the same!

Open Letter to Hampshire College Students

What is your take about this
HL D & M
It seems like I'm constantly hearing all these things, and I'm bringing them to the group to get your opinion.

Here is the newest:

At least 6 electors have said they will not cast their ballot for Trump even though he won their state. I know this is how the system is set up, but I don't get how anyone can think they have a right to overturn thousands of votes, and they should be able to decide who runs the country.

I also know he has some to spare - over 270, but if enough bail, the election could really be taken from him.

Also, I've heard that the Clintons are being pushed to declare fraud in three battleground states because they don't have consistent means of voting: voting machines versus other ways. How many times did we hear these machines cannot be manipulated? There is no fraud in the system - no need for voter ID. The Lib's mantra.

It's because of these types of problems that I think voting should be uniform, voter ID must be law. Especially, if they want to do one person - one vote, there has to be complete integrity with every single vote: only citizens, voter IDs, no early voting or mailing in votes unless you're a member of the military or military family out of the country. All registration rolls should be wiped clean, and everyone should have to register showing they are live people, live where they say they do, and it's a legitimate address, college students aren't sending in ballots for their home addresses and the address of their out of state college, and everyone registering is a citizen. The Supreme Court needs to look at the executive order by the Governor who made it legal for felons to vote.

For those who cannot get out, the elderly, the sick, etc. it can't be onerous to register. But, it has to be legitimized. Just like you have to be legitimized before you can get on an airplane. That doesn't seem to be a problem. And driver's license from illegals in California cannot count. So, obviously, simply a driver's license can't be the only form of ID.

There has to be a way to show they are legal citizens. If they have no way to do that, it should be questioned. Another reason for no early voting. There has to be enough time for making sure everyone who has a right to vote, can get their registration legitimized. If they need time to get a copy of their birth certificates, a copy of their social security cards, along with IRS records, they should get it.

But, for right now the question is about the electors who say they think they should be able to decide for the entire country who gets to be president. And the fact that Hillary is being pushed to question the votes of three battleground states. Of course, when questioning the votes, they should be looking at all of them with a sharp eye to make sure no illegals voted.

Megyn Kelly
HL D & M
I'm torn. I watched Megyn Kelly on Dr. Phil last night. I sort of want to read her new book, "Settle For More."

On the other hand, I think she's a narcissist, and she makes my teeth hurt. Bill O'Reilly told D. Trump that Megyn's first debate question was legitimate, but he would have worded it differently. And that was the thing for me. She worded it in the most controversial, hateful way she could, ensuring she would become part of the story. In fact, just as much a part of the debate and story as the candidates, themselves.

During the election she constantly called him a "sexual predator," and when called on it, she stated she wasn't saying it, she was just reporting on what other people were calling him. I would really like to know how many times she said "sexual predator" on her show after the tape was released.

And now with her boss and the sexual harassment. I have to disagree with Bill O'Reilly on this one. That's something she should have talked about. Although, she arrogantly (can she stop herself?) announced on Dr. Phil that she was so good, and in such demand that she didn't need Roger Ailes at the time.

It also explains why she went after D. Trump so hard. She was internalizing what happened with her and Ailes, and coming after Trump as a surrogate for Ailes.

In any case, is anyone planning on reading the book? It's $15 for Kindle on Amazon. I don't know. If you ask for your money back in 7 days they'll refund it. But that's not really honest unless it really is a horrible book you can't get through.

What do you think about the rumors
NF night lake
What do you think about the rumors that the Democrat Electors are going to refuse to give their electoral votes to Trump, or that Hillary will have so many popular votes over Trump, that they will take the election away from him on that technicality. I've heard both rumors floated around.

I know one thing, if that happens, they will need to go back and check every single vote for legality. They need to make sure that there are absolutely no illegal immigrants voting, no votes cast for dead people on the rolls, no felons voting (although I know that one Governor signed into law that his state's felons could). That every person who voted was the person who was registered. That the person registered lives in that state at a legal address that matches their registration. If they are going to get rid of the electoral college, and go strictly by "one person - one vote", then they will have to ensure integrity with voter ID. Not that they will listen to me, but before anything is put into law, that has to be put into the bill.

Bipartisan Range Day
Facebook is, naturally, making my want to flail. BUt a weird little hopeful note exists beneath it.

Liberals are claiming to be afraid of political violence! And let's be honest, a good paranoiac like myself never fails to be.

So maybe we can bond over the necessity of discouraging such things on the personal level. Come on, bipartisan range day! They can find out that guns aren't massively scary autonomous killing machines, I can improve my aim...

Eh? Some of them seem to have rediscovered Constitutional limitations, maybe we can get the 2nd thrown into the bargain.

Respect for Traditions
It's an old short story written in russian some 7 years ago but I just stumbled upon the english translation. So decided to share with the comm. Not the best translation but will do :)

Original Story in Russian

English Translation

Respect For Traditions

The shuttle docked with the spaceship and the passengers boarded for the trip down to the planet. Jammar, working to maintain the indifferent and unscrutable facial expression befitting a man, traversed the aisles and finally found his seat. His next-seat neighbor turned out to be an old woman.

"First time to a new planet, young man?" she asked with a smile.

Jammar, annoyed that his inexperience was so easy to detect, nodded and turned away, indicating unwillingness to carry on a conversation. "For shame!" he thought. "An old woman using make-up, and no head covering! Like some whore!"

It's been over ten years since the men from the stars came to Mirjal, but none of the Free People had so far managed to get used to their degraded customs. Cursed peddlers with no honor! How can it be that those cowardly sheep live in the lap of luxury, while true warriors languish in poverty and are forced to sell their land and what's in it to buy all sorts of devil's playthings from the stars? But this will yet change, and he, Jammar, will help make it happen! His uncle was right when he said that the star people are less manly than women. Had the men of Jammar's tribe possessed weaponry like the star people, would they have lowered themselves to trade? What can be more honorable than to take what's yours by the right of conquest, or else perish heroically in battle and listen to those left behind sing songs of your bravery, in Paradise? But the tribe hadn't had such weapons. Well, now it does! Three flying boats, and tubes that kill with light and sting with iron. These were bought with the money that the star people tossed, like alms, for them to buy food for the starving slaves. And whose fault is it that there are more slaves now than the earth can feed? Who used their damn star magic to ensure that disease doesn't claim excess slave children? Now there are more slaves than free men, and those animals want to eat, all the time! Some even dare to complain, however quietly. It would be proper to just kill off all the extra slaves, but those star critters threaten to cut off the money then! Well, not for long! Once he, Jammar, obtains food for the flying boats, those cowardly star people will pay for everything. And they don't know how to fight. How can one who's afraid of death be a good fighter? And what good is a weapon in the hands of the warrior who is afraid to use it? Such is not a warrior, but a woman. Plus, among the Free People warriors go on the warpath at twelve, and everybody knows that the star people are under a curse not to kill warriors under twelve, or women. So they won't dare fire at flying boats manned by warriors who haven't reached their eighteenth spring. We'll take along a good number of young women, just in case, so that the curse will lie heavily on the star people. And if they do dare to fire, so what? Paradise is open to warriors of all ages.

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Ceding the election - what about Hillary?
NF night lake
I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Hillary and company have been pushing the narrative that Trump won't cede the election if she wins.

But, she's been pushing another narrative even harder: The Russians are interfering in an Amercian Election for the Presidency. (of course, they're only interfering by bringing to light her corruption by hacking emails she made vulnerable by using a private, non-secure server at her home).

However, she's been bringing it up more and more. With every new allegation, every debate, every speech.

Possible prediction? I think Hillary's setting up her own reason for not ceding the election if Trump wins. Because the election was interfered with by a foreign government. (she says loudly, incessantly). Therefore, it can't be legitimized. Of course, then it means Obama will have to remain in office until it's investigated, and there's a ruling.


Presidential Platform-a1 Part 1
make not suck
With the gong show that this election cycle has become, it got me to thinking. Sez I, Clearly any idiot can be president in this country, and a good many politicians certainly are that. Maybe even I could run for President. God knows I've gotten old enough. :P

So ... if I were to run for President, what would my platform be?


Anything I missed? Discuss. I gotta go, so this got cut short.

Right Wing = Sexual Satisfaction
Went on Drudge and saw this interesting article about a study showing that right wing people are more sexually satisfied than people on the left, at least in European countries where 19,000 people were interviewed in Sweden, Germany, France, Denmark, and Britain. Of course, what those places consider 'right wing' might be different from where I'm sitting in the United States. -Not sure how it'd play out here.

I thought it was humorous because the liberal arts everywhere are dominated by the left, and they are always putting out rigged studies trying to prove left leaning people are superior. Whenever a study comes out about social interactions, however, they usually show people on the right as being happier, more charitable and more likely to get into positive relationships with other people than left wingers. -So much for that 'compassionate' left.

Looked to the comments section of the article to find guesses as to why this might be true. Some people wrote that maybe it's because right wingers are more likely to form stable families, meaningful relationships, or view sex acts as being meaningful. One liberal troll put something out there about people on the right being 'boring and repressed', which makes me wonder if people on the left expect too much and are never quite satisfied with what they get.

It's entertaining seeing any of these studies because one just knows that the groups performing them never expect the right to come out in a positive light.


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