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mosinging1986 wrote in therightfangirl
Infidel - zom_b

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If they keep acting the way they are acting, I hope there's a civil war. I want to see women defending themselves against muslim rapists and people firing back against ANTIFA thugs.

Heyy..she didn't include my state of Indiana in the list of free states, lol!

I'm not ready. I am not armed and not trained. I'd be a sitting duck and so would my family. Well, at least we have the dog. She'd defend the house against anyone who tried to break in. At least that's something. But yeah, I am not ready. I hate feeling helpless.

I'm guessing she just said a few off the top of her head. I am going to have to go back and make a list. I HAVE to get out of here! Especially before the you-know-what hits the fan!

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Indiana would be the closest place for you to escape to, and it is indeed one of the free states.

I know a few refugees who've escaped there.

Job and family have me trapped here.

Training can be tough to get, but you can read a lot of research for free. Also, there are lots of women's gun groups that offer training, education, and support.

Soon as I find a freaking job. Sigh...

I like her. Thanks for the introduction.

From what I've seen, she's a tough lady. I am glad she's on our side!

I told my mom 10 years ago it was coming. It won't be neatly drawn by geography either. Think Rwanda or Bosnia.

It really is terrifying. As she says in the video, sometimes all it takes is that one spark, that one final thing to tip things over. And once it tips over, that's it. Things then get ugly and out of control.

How I wish I was armed and trained.

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