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Gavin McInnes is a LUNATIC!
mosinging1986 wrote in therightfangirl
braveheart-quote-fight - freelancer_47

Extra points for the Braveheart reference! Rock on, crazy man!

NOT work safe.

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Holy crap! That's nuts! I loved the story about the chode who trades his vehicle in every 30K miles. He had a good lesson there. Fight those assholes. Some of them are actually paranoid nuts and would get devastated to get their masks torn off.

Anyone who terrorizes others while hiding behind a mask is nothing but the worst sort of pathetic coward!

That said, they'd have no problem killing him. I hope he doesn't do this too often. I don't want to see him seriously injured or killed.

That's a possibility. All they'd need is a brick thrown wrong and someone would be convulsing from a traumatic brain injury. Also, not all of them are skinny college kids trying to be cool. Some are hardcore marxist radicals, future domestic terrorist. That's why they spread around Tumblr not to post pictures on social media. That's why they should unmask as many as they can, take a ton of pictures, and post the shit out of them on social media, just in case they need faces to go with eyes someday. I hope it's really something that can be taken as lightly as he is.

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