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Domestic Terrorism
kharmii wrote in therightfangirl
Now that Trump Derangement Syndrome has leftards foaming at the mouth all over the country, the Godwining is going on full force. Some of it is very offensive, as it has people -in particular a group called Antifa- advocating violence against people whom they consider 'nazis', which, as always, pretty much means anyone who disagrees with a Marxist. The newest trend is to claim that alt-right is another term for 'neo-nazi'. Such personalities as Milo Yiannopolous and Richard Spencer are accused of being nazis constantly.

These are very serious allegations. I think this needs to be discussed on talk radio. People like Milo and Spencer should be challenging people in public about it, demanding they back up their claims. Since we have a president who is hitting back against our pravda media, we should all be fighting too, spreading the word about left wing bigotry. Using guilt tactic nazi accusations on right wingers might have guilty Europeans bending over backwards to make leftism the norm, yet it's appearing to not work as well in the US at the moment. Here are a few Tumblr posts and such that I've found particularly offensive:

One more thing...the antifa members are putting out paranoid posts about members being arrested unjustly. I hope our government makes a point of making them uncomfortable for real. They should be. These groups should be classified as hate groups and harassed. Remember the nonsense during the Obama administration about how 'right wing extremism was the greatest domestic terrorism threat'? There was no actual evidence to back it up, -Tea partiers were nonviolent- whereas these wacky left wing radicals are advocating violence or committing acts of violence every day. I'll be disappointed if the current government doesn't acknowledge these clowns as being domestic terrorist threats.

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All I have to say is, if you join a counter-protest, or go near a group of these thugs wearing anything that might suggest you are conservative/pro-Trump/etc., you had better be prepared to defend yourself.

I would also be extremely careful about having an SJW as a friend or otherwise in your confidence.

For sure don't assume that just because we changed Presidents that the whole government is on your side.

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Too bad one of the victims didn't have concealed carry, like what happened at the Milo talk. I hope to see more communists, rather, 'antifas' getting shot in self defense. How long until we start seeing weather underground type bombings?

Nobody in the tea party ever got this crazy, despite the 'right wing extremism is the greatest threat' rhetoric they CONSTANTLY STILL push. Just the other day, some muslim cleric on the radio said there were FBI stats proving this. I take it the FBI isn't on our side.

I've had my suspicions, yet I'm inclined not to get along with sjws. Most of my info comes from lurking on tags.

I get the impression the federal LE/intel/security agencies are internally divided, much like the general public.

Think also about where the state and local law enforcement folks stand, because if you get jammed up they are the first ones with whom you'll make contact.

Yup. "Trust No One" is my motto. Whatever you might think of Vox Day--there's plenty where I disagree with him--everyone's got to read "SJWs Always Lie." He advises getting the SJWs out of your life because sooner or later they will turn on you and try to destroy you. Their self-image will always matter more than any relationship.

It's reaching the point where people are openly advocating political violence. Richard Spencer is not an easy guy to defend--I'm no white nationalist--but the problem is they think there is no difference between him, a Klansman or real neo-Nazi, a moderate Republican, or a libertarian. You disagree, you are a Nazi and you deserve whatever happens to you.

Does Spencer deserve to be punched in the face though? I don't get why it's so wrong to be a white nationalist. All the victim class groups get to fervently define themselves. IE: People who define themselves as 'LGTB' are the most zealous members of their defined group that exists. BLM gets no criticism at all for their blatant hating.

-But true about all those people getting labeled a nazi. That's why I posted all those Tumblr examples. Those aren't fringe loonies; they're typical of what all sjws are posting these days.

This attitude on the Left is going to radicalize more people on the Right. I bet a lot more conservatives are migrating away from classical liberalism and its attendant universal tolerance, toward alt-right ideas (be it alt-lite, alt-west, or alt-white) than ever before. In for a penny, in for a pound.

I honestly think the crazier the left acts, the worse it will be for their party. Even people who might have leaned in their direction are turned off by the crazy.

People at airports know when it's the protestors holding up their travel. People trying to get home, to work, to the hospital know who's in the street, not letting traffic through. They may applaud themselves, but the more they hurt everyday people who are simply trying to live their lives, the more they will be disregarded as loons, and hated.

The Democrat party is saying they won't let a Supreme Court Justice get through no matter who it is. Do they really think that's going to help them get a larger number in the Senate in 2018? Or a new President in 2020? If it does, we're in more trouble than we think.

President Trump needs to get as many of his executive orders as possible through real legislation so the next guy can't undo them like Obama's EOs.

-Or how about this deal blocking Sessions from being Attorney General? As far as I can remember, Obama was able to fill up his cabinet with radical communists his first week without Republicans giving him trouble. Hopefully Trump will turn it around.

I agree. I honestly did not support Trump in the election. I tell people I trust that I voted for Mike Pence for VP. I'm frankly a little terrified that Trump has the nuclear codes.

But gosh darn it if the media and the protestors and the crazy hating liberals don't have me starting to root for Trump to just plow through the hate and get his agenda (which I don't necessarily agree with) through, just to make them foam at the mouth!

Me too. I voted for Pence and the next supreme court nominee. Trump sounds like such a clown when he speaks sometimes, but then, Obama spoke well and could be the worst president we've ever had.

However crazy they get and however much they turn off regular people, they will still have America's big institutions on their side: Media (news, entertainment, sports, all of it), Education, Bureaucracy, Law, large swaths of the Financial and Tech sectors, many religious organizations, and so on. They have done way too good a job over the past several decades infiltrating them. That will keep them "mainstreamed" far, far longer than they would be based on a sober evaluation of their ideas, activities and plans.

That's how I feel...more radicalized than I should because I'm sick of having it shoved down my throat what a horrible person I am for being white and Christian but at the same time having to tolerate this attitude like, "Shut up, pay your taxes, and be the world's soup kitchen".

That's why my political slogan is "I Don't Owe You Anything". Pick out a victim class group, and I have a statement. IE: "Hey transgendered person, I don't feel obligated to humor your delusions!" People on Facebook were making fun of one of the signs held up by a participant of the women's march. It said something like "Fuck the Fucking Fuck Off". I thought, "Heyy, I could sign up for that attitude! In fact, I've been saying it my whole life. Guess what, fellow guilty white gets easier the more you say it and the older you get! I don't even discriminate. I feel everyone, no matter what color or creed, has the same right to not be owed anything by me."

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Petition to declare ANTIFA a terrorist organization.

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