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Help me, therightfangirl, you're my only hope!
mosinging1986 wrote in therightfangirl
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"Rogue One", anyone?

Please, no spoilers, but has anyone seen it? I'm just looking for a general thumbs up or down. I'm hoping it doesn't have a lot of liberal PC garbage in it!

If I sit my butt down to enjoy this movie and then get that leftist sucker punch, I'm going to scream out loud in the theater and get thrown out!

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So if you see it, give me your review?

First half bored me, the last half got better. But I'm very distracted these days, so my impressions may not be the most accurate.

It's sad that media is so agenda-driven these days that this kind of thing is a real and legitimate concern.

Hollywood's always been left leaning. (Well, at least the past bunch of years.) But with Bush Derangement Syndrome and then the advent of Obama, it became even more so. They became so bold and obnoxious about it that you couldn't even just roll your eyes and mostly ignore it, like you could in years past.

I'm just pig SICK of seeing it 24/7.

It was awesome. The director is a lifelong Star Wars fanboy, so the film is about Star Wars.

I was okay with it. But I may have to give it a second view at some point. I'm very distracted with RL stuff these days.

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