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Comey replacements: First four candidates to begin interviews to head FBI
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The four candidates meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy Rod Rosenstein are:

Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher, who used to work in the Justice Department's Criminal Divsion; the acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who recently testified before Congress about the agency's Russia collusion investigation; Texas Sen. John Cornyn, the current Senate Majority Whip and former attorney general of Texas who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee; Judge Michael J. Garcia of the New York Court of Appeals, who previously served as Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York.

The administration is considering nearly a dozen candidates -- a list that includes top current and former lawmakers as well as law enforcement figures -- to replace fired FBI Director James Comey, a White House official briefed on the matter told Fox News on Friday.

The roster of contenders is extensive, including some names already reported such as former Rep. Mike Rogers and former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly as well as lesser-known law enforcement officials.

The list also includes several lawmakers on key law enforcement oversight panels. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., led the congressional probe into Benghazi; Rogers is an ex-Michigan congressman who led the House Intelligence Committee and served as an FBI agent.

Others being considered to fill Comey’s job are seasoned DOJ professionals. Thompson was deputy attorney general for President George W. Bush. John Suthers, now mayor of Colorado Springs, was a federal prosecutor, as was Mike Garcia. Garcia was appointed by Bush as a U.S. attorney and now serves as an associate judge on the New York Court of Appeals.

Those on the list with FBI-specific experience include Rogers and Paul Abbate, now assistant director in charge of the FBI.

The White House official told Fox News that the candidate list is fluid, and names could be added or removed as the process moves forward.

Comey firing: Trump team refutes explosive media claims
Trump administration officials have flatly denied two key allegations surrounding the James Comey firing – that the decision came after he asked for more resources for the FBI’s Russia probe, and that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein later threatened to resign – after the claims gained traction among Trump critics.

Cyber attack spreads across 74 countries; some UK hospitals crippled

Anti-Trump Vandals Invade Trump Golf Course, Attack Trees With Chainsaws

Sessions ends Obama-era leniency on sentencing, infuriating civil rights groups

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Posts my husband convinced me not to put on Facebook today... on the way to where my sister is graciously letting us stay tonight, even though she'll probably be tired after the March for Science.

Is it Lenin's birthday already? Guess it's time to reread about Soviet atrocities. Tis the season.

"The term Lysenkoism can also be used metaphorically to describe the manipulation or distortion of the scientific process as a way to reach a predetermined conclusion as dictated by an ideological bias, often related to social or political objectives."

March 8 Events...
So, who's bringing snacks to work tomorrow? (And what kind? I'm thinking coffee cake, myself, but I'm worried something crumbly will be hard to serve...)

Reference: Facebook group, Women's Liberty

Pass this on to everyone you know
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Dan Clifford
I'm glad Jeff Sessions was confirmed. But that loses us another Republican Senate member. That's putting us on pretty thin ice with the majority. What happens with this now? We need to keep the majority.

Putting the "fan" back in The Right Fangirl
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Thanks, everyone! Some of these I was not even aware of. I'm way behind in fandom things these days.

Has anyone seen any good movies lately? I have got to get out of here next week and I need something uplifting or exciting or just fun!

Gavin McInnes is a LUNATIC!
braveheart-quote-fight - freelancer_47

Extra points for the Braveheart reference! Rock on, crazy man!

NOT work safe.

Never Trump
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I know we talk a lot about the left's reaction to Trump's election (which, let's face it, has been both incredibly amusing and incredibly horrifying). But what about that collection of conservatives who were Never Trump?

I didn't vote for Trump. I didn't trust him and couldn't vote for him good conscience, so I wrote in Ted Cruz. I'm hardly a Trump supporter! I prefer to call it like I see it, and note where he's done good and where he's done bad. I don't like restricting free trade to try to bolster our economy, because it will make things more expensive for the consumer. I do like the travel ban while we figure out extreme vetting.

All this said, I have a friend who I'm going to call J who was and is adamantly Never Trump. For him, Mattis as Secretary of Defense was evil and bad because Trump did it. A wall is evil and bad an ineffective because Trump called for it. Trump is worse than Hillary. Trump is ALMOST literally Hitler. J is also former military and talks a lot about how Trump is a traitor to the state and why did he even join the military only to lose it to Trump, blah blah blah. I've seen him lose at least three friends on facebook over this, and I finally got irritated enough to reply to a post about how a wall on our border with Mexico will never work because ... because ... well his reasons aren't very rational. I haven't replied yet, but he said that the only thing that will keep our borders secure is to deny welfare to illegals. Because, don't you know, borders before welfare didn't need to exist!!!

Have you come across people like this? How do you deal with people like this? People who are conservatives, but so stupidly against Trump they've lost the ability to reason as much as the left has?

(P.S. Can we get a Trump tag?)

Domestic Terrorism
Now that Trump Derangement Syndrome has leftards foaming at the mouth all over the country, the Godwining is going on full force. Some of it is very offensive, as it has people -in particular a group called Antifa- advocating violence against people whom they consider 'nazis', which, as always, pretty much means anyone who disagrees with a Marxist. The newest trend is to claim that alt-right is another term for 'neo-nazi'. Such personalities as Milo Yiannopolous and Richard Spencer are accused of being nazis constantly.

These are very serious allegations. I think this needs to be discussed on talk radio. People like Milo and Spencer should be challenging people in public about it, demanding they back up their claims. Since we have a president who is hitting back against our pravda media, we should all be fighting too, spreading the word about left wing bigotry. Using guilt tactic nazi accusations on right wingers might have guilty Europeans bending over backwards to make leftism the norm, yet it's appearing to not work as well in the US at the moment. Here are a few Tumblr posts and such that I've found particularly offensive:

Read more...Collapse )

One more thing...the antifa members are putting out paranoid posts about members being arrested unjustly. I hope our government makes a point of making them uncomfortable for real. They should be. These groups should be classified as hate groups and harassed. Remember the nonsense during the Obama administration about how 'right wing extremism was the greatest domestic terrorism threat'? There was no actual evidence to back it up, -Tea partiers were nonviolent- whereas these wacky left wing radicals are advocating violence or committing acts of violence every day. I'll be disappointed if the current government doesn't acknowledge these clowns as being domestic terrorist threats.

RE: The Trump Years
Captain Jack - hatch - canadianmobster

The hardest thing about what's going on is trying to get hold of the narrative! Most people are not 1) online all the time and/or 2) for the express purpose of examining current issues and whether what we are being told by the headlines is actually correct. They're just not.

Those of us who are aware of alternative media seem to forget that most people still DO get their information from the mainstream media. They believe it all, because they don't know that they shouldn't believe it all. It does not occur to them that these leftists are misinforming them, often deliberately.

This is driving me nuts. I am seeing regular people that I know now fully accepting the narratives being shoved down their throats day and night. And I don't know what to do about it. It's like trying to plug multiple holes on a sinking ship! You get one, and another pops up. You patch that one, and there's another one on the opposite side. On and on. Meanwhile, you're not doing much good and you're still sinking.

Information (whether correct or not) flows so quickly these days that you could literally be correcting everyone you know all day, every day, and you STILL wouldn't be able to keep up!

I'm ready to tear out my hair.

I am a person who cannot ABIDE seeing misinformation spread. I cannot stomach lies and deception. I have a visceral reaction to it. It's just how I am. It's who I am.

I'm at a loss. I feel like I'm screaming into the wind, while all around me is a flood that I cannot possibly stop.


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