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Attack of the Feelz
Time for my favorite online past time, ripping on dumb Facebook posts. What is it about the refugee crisis that turns smart people into suckers? Have some tissues handy if you are the sensitive type. ;-D Yesterday (and you won't believe this) somebody posted this pie-in-the-sky article about some Muslim guy in Paris who stood around blindfolded asking for hugs. The op had written, "Dawwww....aren't French people so tolerant? Why don't we let in more refugees?"

I read that article holding my nose going, "..aaawwwww......AAAWWWWW......Seriously? You are going to fall for this stupid cornball political stunt?" I'll bet those French people were afraid NOT TO hug that guy because every good socialist would accuse them of being nazis. -Like most people don't want to touch strangers who approach them no matter who they are. I'd be inclined to say, "I'll trust you fine as long as you stay over there, otherwise you might get kicked in the nuts, blindfold or not."

I honestly cannot wrap my mind around how stupid that political stunt was. I could imagine all those military aged Muslim men laughing at how dumb and cheesy Europeans are, like, "To be ironic, I'm going to stand around blindfolded with a camera crew and see how many of these guilty white suckers will hug me."

Not too long ago, a friend of mine posted this link.......

.......with the caption:

Look. Propagandist pictures of children to manipulate the weak minded so they become unreasoning supporters of the leftist agenda.

Textbook propaganda. This shit comes right out of Wag the Dog. Goebbels would write it off as a little too obvious.

Where are the Christian Syrians who WE KNOW ARE MARKED FOR DEATH and aren't welcome among Muslim populations?

Of course it's heartbreaking! So set up a refugee area in the Middle East and DEFEAT ISIS. Oh. But that doesn't satisfy feelZ.

Soon after, at least three of my other friends posted the link in all earnestness. There may have been more I missed. I should have written, "Let the children sleep in one of those Muslim countries that won't take in any refugees."

The next article about why Syrian refugees are not like Jewish refugees made me facepalm. If someone felt the need to write it, then obviously it did not go without saying in the minds of many bleeding heart libs.

Finally I leave you with:

Here we go again...
So, if I don't change my icon in a cult-like manner, does that mean that I DON'T care??

The cult-like mentality of SJW is really creepy.

Ironic too with how many live to mock Christians/religions with accusations of being "cults".

- requesting a "social justice warrior" choice in tags.

Profiles in SJW stupidity
Supernatural: Dean and Sam in DALDOM
I just had to unfollow an SJW nut on Tumblr. She was the one to follow me in the first place. I have no idea why, as I'd occasionally post/reblog anti-SJW stuff. I'd followed her because she would post fandom stuff, but no SJW garbage that I could see.
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I don't do hashtags. Hashtags are for the weak. They are what you do instead of something, while the wicked laugh at you.

Decide what you think you ought to do that will help and not harm, and do it. I realize it's a big world, and we're all just little isolated individuals (and that is part of the problem), and it's difficult sometimes to figure out the right thing to do, but surely we can all think of something. Don't brag about it, just do it. Not virtue signaling, just virtue. Pray, fast, confess your sins, give alms, purify yourself. Do some exercise to toughen up your body, do something difficult and unpleasant to toughen up your mind, make yourself ready for battle. Warn and rally people, not on Twitter, but real people around you. If you are serious about fighting evil and start to take steps, people will notice and some will be inspired by your example.

Be your own hero. Be someone else's hero. Heroes are not made by hashtags. They are made by virtue. Virtue is made by courage and hard work.

Does anyone live in Sweden, or know people who do?
Butterflies do not have guns
According to this report, things there are even worse than we are hearing! This is chilling.

And the U.S. is not far behind.

Runs with light saber
I had no idea he was a sci-fi geek, much less to this extent! Please give him money so my dream of a lightsaber energy blade of my own can FINALLY (someday) come true! (I've only got about $7 left to my name, so I can't right now.)

News Flash: Different Opinions are Acceptable
seasonal, regency, costuming
This is from a fashion blog I've read for years. Her style has changed drastically over the years, and she's gotten a lot more into "issues" of feminism and body image and "representation," etc. But this particular post was so good. There still are SOME reasonable people out there.

" And you may be saying to yourself, “So what? That just makes you a reasonable human being.” But here’s the thing, friends: It also puts me in the minority, especially amongst my fellow feminists. The feminist blogs I read are clogged with call-outs and overrun with in-fighting. One of them seems to have created an editorial calendar that revolves around pointing out all of the things feminists and allies are doing wrong. You are expected to be completely perfect, or turn in your feminist badge and go home.

" “All or nothing” works beautifully in many realms, but it is unwise to take it on as a universal life philosophy. If a designer you love releases a collection you loathe, you don’t need to write them off forever. If a family member you respect says something boneheaded, you don’t need to cut them out of your life. If a prominent figure makes a statement that enrages you, you don’t need to decide that they’re a minion of Satan. Discarding mere disagreement in favor of outright hatred turns people into closed-minded robots focused on false binaries."

There's some good stuff in the comments, too.

The trick is always in practicing what you preach.  I have an idea it will be much harder outside of her feminist sandbox.  But it's reassuring that some people have at least thought this out.

"In My Safe Space"
indignant, Demona
Because we could use a good truthbomb-esque laugh, courtesy of South Park:

Update: Reality returns to crash a certain party. Beware of major profanity, etc.

The Modern Woman (A Fisking)
  • 9.The modern woman can take constructive criticism without claiming grievances against her womanhood or dignity. She certainly doesn’t claim that criticism on social media gave her PTSD or made her bedridden and in fear for her mental state.

  • 10.The modern woman refuses to be treated as a victim. She understands her vulnerabilities and weaknesses and works to overcome them, instead of using them as excuses for her lack of achievement and success.

  • 11.The modern woman does not rely on her plumbing to help her succeed. She relies on her intellect. And she certainly doesn’t blame alleged hatred for said plumbing on her failures. She doesn’t use her tits in lieu of smarts and abilities.

If you haven't already heard of the ridiculous "Modern Man" prescriptive article from the New York times, head straight for Larry Correia's hilarious Fisk "27 Ways to Be a Modern Man (Alternate Title: Does the Touch of a Woman Confuse and Frighten You? 27 Ways to Avoid Girl Cooties.).

But you might also enjoy the "Modern Woman" version I've quoted from above over at The Liberty Zone

There's also two amusing "Ancient Roman" and "Christian Gentleman" versions at John C. Wright's Journal


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Reality - Philip K. Dick
These guys are fantastic. Christian based, but with many conservative views. And funny. And snarky. And cute!

I think it's an autoplay start, so you might want to turn down the volume especially if you're wearing headphones. The opening music is fantastic, but SO LOUD!

I cannot believe the arrogance, condescension, scientific ignorance (!!!), and even blatant racism of that Bill Nye guy! How do people like this man become the spokespersons for our culture?!

Great stuff on the same-sex "marriage" controversy as well.

Dead Reckoning


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